Jack Plane Vs Smoothing Plane

Both jack plan es and smoothing planes are necessary tools for woodworkers. Besides, both require muscle power to enable and force the cutting blade over the stock’s surface to remove material off the wood surface. A quick glance at these two hand planes would make you think they are almost identical. Yet, upon closer scrutiny, …

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Best Wood for Birdhouse

use pinewood to build a wooden birdhouse.

Deciding to build birdhouses for those little nesting birds could be your best way of saying “thank you” to Mother Earth for providing you with an excellent place to live. Thus, you’re doing the right thing if you can spare time and energy for such a project. Nevertheless, it will be best to start with …

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What are the Uses of Jack Plane?

Using woodwork jack plane to smoothen the wood surface.

Are you searching for a general-purpose bench plane? If you are, you should check out the jack plane. A jack plane is a large plane used primarily for dressing down timber to prepare it for truing or edge jointing. It is usually the first plane you would use on your material, although if you have …

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Best Wood for Garage Shelves

Building garage wooden wall shelves using hardwood plywood and pellet wood boards.

If you are making shelves for your garage for the first time, one aspect of your job would be determining which wood type is best for making garage shelves. Of course, the garage is more often reserved for parking cars. But it can also provide good storage space for your tools, clutters, and other seasonal …

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Best Wood Turning Projects for Gifts

Making a wooden bowl gift using wood lathe.

Woodworking can be considered fine art, and its being a fine art is more noticeable when you are working on a woodworking lathe. With woodturning, you can produce various products like chess pieces, wooden shoulders, hookah bodies, furniture bases, sofa bases, chair bases, and wicker furniture. You can even try woodturning projects that you can …

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