Is Ash A Hardwood?

Ash wood tree and its wood texture.

Ash is a hardwood. Many of us may not know the differences between hardwood and softwood trees. Many people may think hardwood is a tree with a hard texture and is durable. But this is not the basis for classifying a tree as hardwood.  There are two classifications of trees-angiosperm and gymnosperm. If you have …

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Does Wood Putty Harden?

Repair the restore the cracked wood with wood putty.

If it is your first-time using wood putty, you might ask if it hardens when it dries. The answer, of course, is “No, it doesn’t!” After applying the wood putty, it will dry and set within several hours. Yet, it doesn’t harden but maintains its flexibility. This unique characteristic of wood putty lets it resist …

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Is Cypress A Hardwood or Softwood?

Cypress tree lumber and wood.

Cypress belongs to the softwood classification due to its Janka hardness rating of 510 pounds of force (lbf) or 2269. This rating is much higher than other softwoods.  Although it is softwood, cypress possesses some properties in most hardwoods. Even if they are coniferous, they are deciduous trees that shed leaves during the fall season, …

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Is Basswood A Hardwood?

Basswood materials for indoor furniture and wood carving projects.

Basswood is a hardwood but with a very low hardness level. One of the best woodcarving wood materials is basswood, a hardwood with fair softness and easy to manipulate in one hand with a mallet and chisel on the other hand. Basswood has a Janka hardness scale rating of 410.  If you want to try …

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Rubberwood Furniture Advantages and Disadvantages

Rubberwood tree wood texture.

A question I get often asked about Rubberwood is whether it is bendy and soft like rubber. Of course, this question usually comes from wisecracking people who think that since it is named Rubberwood, it must be like a rubber band. Contrariwise, Rubberwood is classified as hardwood and is pretty durable. Nevertheless, its wood produces sap …

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Is Spruce a Hardwood?

Spruce wood properties and tree samples.

If you intend to use Spruce wood in your woodworking project, you will do a bit of research about it. You will ask if it is hardwood or softwood. You will also figure out whether it is ideal for your project by learning the pros and cons of its use. In this post, you will …

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Is Beech A Hardwood?

If you’re a beginner in woodworking, you will understand how intimidating it is to go to a wood store to purchase materials for your first woodworking projects. Besides, the sight of many wood types is overwhelming. You will also feel you would spend more on wood because many of them are expensive. So, it will …

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Is Birch A Hardwood?

A piece of hardwood has many uses in furniture making. However, certain wood varieties may work better for a particular craft. For example, ash wood is excellent for making baseball bats and oars, while mahogany is a perfect material for making wood paneling, flooring, and boats. Oak is ideal for furniture and cabinetry. What about …

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Is Poplar Wood Strong?

Poplar wood has a 0.42 specific gravity, a bit higher and stronger than any softwood and some hardwoods. Thus, we can say that it is pretty strong. Its compressive strength is 5,540 psi, while its bending strength is 10,100 psi. Moreover, its stiffness is 1.58Mpsi while its Janka Hardness rating is 540 lbf.  Gauging from …

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