How to Seal Wood for Outdoor Use

Many things can happen to wood if it is left outdoors without sealing it. It can expand or contract due to the vicissitudes of weather. It can also turn gray over time. In the worst case, it can decay and rot, sans an extra protective layer. Thus, sealing outdoor wood once or twice yearly would … Read more

Best Paint for Untreated Wood Outside

Outdoor wooden furniture will surely undergo weathering when exposed to moisture, excess sunlight, and UV rays, causing them to warp and decay eventually. But if you know how to protect exterior wood from these harsh elements, you can prolong the life and usability of wood. To protect outdoor wood, you can provide it with treatment, … Read more

Is Tung Oil Food Safe?

There will surely come a time in your woodworking career when you need to use food-safe finishes, especially in projects used for handling food and drinks. As such, it will be best to know the finishes that are food safe for these projects. One option that usually gets mentioned when food safety is discussed is … Read more

Is Tung Oil a Waterproof Finish?

If it is your first time finishing with tung oil, you might ask whether it can waterproof wood. Well, tung oil is a good sealant; it can seal the wood and make it waterproof. Tung oil, of course, is a natural product taken from tung tree nuts. The natural oil produced from these nuts can … Read more

Can Plywood Be Stained?

Choosing plywood as an alternative material for carpentry is beneficial, especially if you are on a budget. The surface may not be as smooth as wood, yet plywood may be an excellent alternative if you apply paint or stain. Staining can protect it from warping and deformation when exposed to moisture and harsh conditions. The … Read more

Types of Wood Varnishes

Varnish is one of the types of wood finish that has been around for centuries. The word varnish has become a generic term to call other wood finishes like shellac, lacquer, or polyurethane as varnish. It combines oils, solvents, and resins to give the wood surface a clear and lustrous finish. Varnishes contain similar components … Read more

Polyurethane & Lacquer: Uses and Differences 

Lacquer and polyurethane add a smooth, glossy, and attractive coat to furniture and wood flooring. Both finishes have unique qualities that make them popular in carpentry and woodworking. Sometimes people need clarification about the identity of these finishes and which one offers good performance. This article will tell you the truth about polyurethane and lacquer. … Read more

How to Seal Wood Naturally

There are various reasons why the natural look of wood is very pleasing to behold. One reason is that the combination of the texture, color, figure, and grain all works together to produce that unique natural look of wood. For this reason, many would like to maintain the wood’s natural look and let it come … Read more