How to Use Resin in Woodworking

You might think of epoxy resin only as a very strong adhesive, but it actually has many applications in woodworking. Adding epoxy resin to your toolbox will surely raise a notch your level of woodworking. For example, you can use woodworking epoxy for wood tabletops, countertops, cabinetry, designs, wood bar tops, wooden coasters, and many … Read more

Guide on Woodworking Without a Shop or Garage

If you don’t have a shop or garage wherein you can engage in woodworking, you’re not alone because a large number of woodworkers around the globe don’t have a ready and dedicated workshop at hand. But this lack of a woodworking shop does not deter them from engaging in woodworking. Remember that if you like … Read more

Can You Woodwork in a Storage Unit?

You might be thinking of doing your woodworking in a storage unit, and you are asking whether it is permissible. Well, it will indeed depend on the policies of individual storage places. Storage units, of course, are enclosed spaces rentable as business spaces or as storage of your personal belongings. So, it is unlikely that … Read more

Can You Do Woodworking Without Nails?

You might not believe it, but engaging in woodworking without using nails is possible. Yes, you heard it right, and even if you think it is preposterous to do so, there will be instances when you need to get by with your woodworking project sans using nails. In such a case, however, you can use … Read more

14 Best Beginner Woodworking Projects

Simple and easy woodworking plans for new learner.

If you are considering making a pivot to woodworking, it is not advisable to start with complex projects. If you fail in such a challenging project, you might quickly lose interest in woodworking and mark it out as too difficult for you. You might also make up your mind, concluding that woodworking is not your … Read more

Easy Guide on Setting Up Your First Woodworking Shop

Woodworker plan on the budget and concept of setting his own woodworking shop.

Woodworking is no longer a man’s world. Many women are interested in developing skills for personal use, especially if they live alone. Woodworking is a challenging skill that brings lots of benefits to you. It can provide a career and earn extra dollars in completing a project.  Carpenters are hard to find, and their rate … Read more

Is Birch A Hardwood?

A piece of hardwood has many uses in furniture making. However, certain wood varieties may work better for a particular craft. For example, ash wood is excellent for making baseball bats and oars, while mahogany is a perfect material for making wood paneling, flooring, and boats. Oak is ideal for furniture and cabinetry. What about … Read more