What is Rafter Hook on Circular Saw?

If you’re new to using a circular saw, you might happen to see a little piece of metal machined like a hook, attached to the circular saw. This machined metal-shaped hook gets attached to the circular saw’s external structure. If you happen to see this hook, you might be asking about its function. Well, its … Read more

What is Miter Gauge on a Table Saw?

If you see your saw’s table, you will notice that it contains a miter slot. This miter slot comprises a miter gauge that has a metal guide. A half-moon-shaped head is tied with this guide that turns on its contact with the manual. A lock mechanism will allow the rotating section to be closed in … Read more

Best Drill Bits for Wood

All the drill bits you will see in the market look alike, except for their variations in diameter and length. Besides, you’ll see a wide array of drill bit brands and models when shopping around for drill bits, further complicating the selection process. As such, it will be best to be properly guided when choosing … Read more

How Deep Can a Table Saw Cut?

Like any other newbie in woodworking, you might wonder how deep the table saw can cut. It is understandable to ask this question, for you would surely want to gain as much knowledge about the cutting tools you will use in woodworking. However, the depth of cut of the table saw depends on the size … Read more

What is Block Plane? (Uses, Types and Differences)

Woodworking is only complete using bench planes to smoothen the wood’s rough surfaces and edges. Block planes are among the types of hand planes that are popular in carpentry or woodworking. Generally, block planes are mostly metal-bodied, though some are wood-bodied.  Block planes help make tenon joints, chamfers and trim mortise. Their main job is … Read more

18 Types of Hand Planes for Woodworkers

Different types of traditional and modern hand planes in wood shop.

Many aspiring young woodworkers often get enamored with electric power tools because they seem more straightforward to use than their manual counterparts. Most newbies, for example, prefer the electric plane over the hand plane because the electric version reduces muscle work and makes planing easier. This penchant for anything electric more often leaves many manual … Read more

Best Beginner Woodworking Tools

If you have a creative mind, you should not think twice about engaging in woodworking. The reason is that woodworking will provide you with an excellent avenue to actualize your creative ideas. Remember that a creative idea is not yet creative if you don’t follow it through with action. So, if you got the urge … Read more

Jack Plane Vs Smoothing Plane

Both jack plan es and smoothing planes are necessary tools for woodworkers. Besides, both require muscle power to enable and force the cutting blade over the stock’s surface to remove material off the wood surface. A quick glance at these two hand planes would make you think they are almost identical. Yet, upon closer scrutiny, … Read more