What Is Rabbet Joint?

Rabbet Edge Joint

Learning some aspects of woodworking is necessary to succeed in your projects. One of the things that you must be aware of is the different woodworking joints. Rabbet joints must not confuse you with dados; though they may have similarities, they have other characteristics.  The British call it the “rabbets joint“, while Americans call it …

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What is Box Joint?

Box joint

Box joint is among the seven popular types of woodworking joints, such as dowel joint, bridle joint, lap joint, butt joint, and mortise & tenon joints. This type of joint is a product of cutting interlocking and complementary profiles using two wood pieces. Woodworkers apply a thick layer of glue to the surface area to …

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What is Biscuit Joint?

Edge biscuit joint

Biscuit joints are less popular among the types of woodworking joinery. These joints do not have many applications compared to other wood joints. The name derives from its ability to form timber into biscuit shapes, where the joints connect. Its primary purpose is to connect large boards like in constructing table tops. The biscuit-like timber …

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What Is Coped Joint?

Inner corner coped joint.

Coped joints are a technique in wood joinery to connect the crown moldings inside corners. The outcome leads to an aesthetically appealing woodworking project. You often find these joineries in ornately-designed interiors in plush hotels and affluent homes. Woodworkers cope with the corners in rooms with no square form. North Americans call this joinery technique …

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18 Types of Hand Planes for Woodworkers

Different types of traditional and modern hand planes in wood shop.

Many aspiring young woodworkers often get enamored with electric power tools because they seem more straightforward to use than their manual counterparts. Most newbies, for example, prefer the electric plane over the hand plane because the electric version reduces muscle work and makes planing easier. This penchant for anything electric more often leaves many manual …

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What is Miter Joint?

Classic miter joint

Miter joints are ubiquitous sights in galleries and photo studios. You might wonder which part of these places you can see miter joints. A frame over a picture or painting comprises wooden pieces to join their ends. These wood joints connect two pieces of wood cut at the corner at an angle.  They form a …

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14 Best Beginner Woodworking Projects

Simple and easy woodworking plans for new learner.

If you are considering making a pivot to woodworking, it is not advisable to start with complex projects. If you fail in such a challenging project, you might quickly lose interest in woodworking and mark it out as too difficult for you. You might also make up your mind, concluding that woodworking is not your …

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Easy Guide on Setting Up Your First Woodworking Shop

Woodworker plan on the budget and concept of setting his own woodworking shop.

Woodworking is no longer a man’s world. Many women are interested in developing skills for personal use, especially if they live alone. Woodworking is a challenging skill that brings lots of benefits to you. It can provide a career and earn extra dollars in completing a project.  Carpenters are hard to find, and their rate …

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How to Seal Wood Naturally

There are various reasons why the natural look of wood is very pleasing to behold. One reason is that the combination of the texture, color, figure, and grain all works together to produce that unique natural look of wood. For this reason, many would like to maintain the wood’s natural look and let it come …

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